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Expert and qualified Doctors are attending to patients, suffering from any ailment. Following list shows that expert consultancy in nearly all facility of Health Care available at Manav Welfare Trust.

Medical and Surgical doctors are available for OPD – as per their slot time.

General Physician









Gastroentrology Surgeon

MWT also carries Investigation Facilities with the help of Radiology

1. Sonography

2. E.C.G. (Report by M.D. Physician)

3. X-ray including Barium Procedure X-Rays

Also available trustworthy investigation facilities.

No diagnosis is without help of Radiology

1. Fracture plastering by orthopaedic doctor

2. Full fledged Physiotherapy

Audiogram / Audio speech

Scopies :-

Gastro Endoscopy





This facility provides years to life. Manav Welfare Trust has well equipped set up of all the latest modalities and exercise equipments. The therapies is provided to patients of all ages right from kids to adults. Various modalities ranging from diatherapy, ultrasound, interperenta therapy, tens, and stimulators are available to treat various conditions like back-pain, spondolysis, nerve palsy etc. All types of patients are treated here at par. The therapy is given after thorough examination.


Is a science, a branch of medicine which deals with disorders of thinking, behaviour, emotions, memory and other important function of mind. Psychiatrist is a specialist who has qualification in medicine to diagnose and treat mental diseases. Mentally healthy person enjoys life in true sense. He is able to satisfy himself, does his duties and has a harmonious relationship with people around. Whenever mental symptoms like anxiety, fear, sadness, lack of interest, suicidal ideas, anger, frustration jealousy, suspiciousness, unusual experiences, loss of memories are develop, in such cases, it is necessary to go for psychiatric consultation and get treated as early as possible. After a detail inquiry with patient and its problems. Psychiatrist comes to a conclusion as to the severity of the problem, if the problem is mild counseling is done and in severe cases family therapy and medicines are adviced certain problems like addictions to alcohol and drugs require short hospitalization and later rehabilitation at specialized centre. Electrical treatment (ECT) is given to severely depressed suicidal patients for faster recovery. Old age problems like depression can be managed effectively by modern treatment methods. Children’s educational problems, habit disorders and other behavioral problems require guidance to parents. Consultation with a psychologist or a psychiatrist is a must whenever there is doubt about sudden change occurring in person’s behaviour.

Such help is available at Manav Welfare Trust everyday at a reasonable rate.


In our society communication plays the most piratical part for better and correct communication. However with our existing lifestyle, where we are always exposed to loud sounds, hearing is easily susceptible to loss. Also such disability, usually affects the elderly creating a communication gap. At Manav Welfare trust the Audiology Dept. (Hearing Clinic) takes the responsibility of checking the hearing capacity and if required correcting them with hearing aids. Hearing aids ranges from behind the ear model to one that fits inside the ear and are digital in nature.


Audio speech

Hearing aid